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Eric T. Whitmoyer

CEO & Founder

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Coach, consultant, author, speaker and serial entreprneur.


About Eric

Our Founder and CEO, Eric Whitmoyer, is a highly accomplished “no-nonsense” executive, speaker, author, & business coach. He is an entrepreneur who has owned over a dozen different businesses and spent 20 years as an executive leader of two $100 million companies and has sold and led teams that have generated over $1.6 billion in sales during that time.  


Additionally, Eric started or acquired 14 businesses over 30 years, they ranged from a martial arts gym to a leads business, a coffee shop, and a trucking business to name a few.

Eric leverages his skills and experience to lead companies to peak performance. Among his many achievements, Eric is recognized as an Advanced Certified Trainer in the Success Principles, a certified instructor of the Barrett Values Centre has certifications in multiple Sales and Leadership programs, and has authored books on Goal Setting, Time Management, & Business.

Despite his professional success, Eric is most proud of his role as a husband, father, and grandfather. 

Video Testimonials

Client Testimonials


Todd Heiner

Eric’s leadership, coaching, and disciplined approach helped his teams achieve exceptional performances throughout his tenure with our organization.  During the years we watched his teams grow as individuals both personally and professionally under Eric’s leadership.  No matter the task, project or deadline, Eric was always up for the challenge.  As a committed and motivating leader, Eric was always looking for ways to improve himself and his team and to find that edge that would keep everyone growing and developing.  I highly recommend Eric’s system for success in business!


Todd Heiner - Managing Partner, Ridgeline Capital Group, Former Telecom Executive, Former CEO Express Locations


Tom Corley

Having worked with Eric both at the Canfield Organization as well as being part of our Mastermind group for 18 months, I can speak to his character and commitment to his projects.  He has a style that gets results and he works hard to achieve his best.  


Tom Corley, Amazon # 1 Bestselling Author, Speaker, CPA, CFP 


Jeff Heuple

 I’ve had the opportunity to watch Eric in action over the years both professionally and personally.  His ability to inspire, lead AND achieve results is impressive.  Whether you are assembling that personal toolbox or looking to sharpen the saw there is major value in Eric’s formula.


Jeff Heuple – CPA, MBA, Board Member, Advisor, and Former Telecom Executive ▪ M&A ▪ Market Expansion ▪ High-ROI Growth & Turnaround Strategy 


Kathleen Seeley

Having Eric as a student first in the Jack Canfield Train the Trainer program and in my Culture Transformation Tools Practitioner Certification, and now a colleague; I can speak to his character and commitment to his learning, his life and his leadership.  He has a style that gets results and he works hard to achieve his best. 

Eric delivers a systematic process to ensure you are working toward the things that are most important to you in your business.  Not only does the process help you achieve your most important goals, but it also helps to ensure you are living a balanced life.


Kathleen Seeley, Executive Leadership Coach, Founder/CEO, Massively Human Leadership  


Erin Thompson

 I came to a new company at the urging of a friend. The division I walked into was disorganized and downtrodden at best - outright self-destructive at worst. I didn't envision myself staying for long. That is, until 6 months later an actual leader walked into our lives. Eric Whitmoyer was tasked with turning around the most under-performing division in our company.

Shortly after meeting Eric, I enrolled in his Leadership Development program.  Over the next year and a half, Eric guided me through some extremely difficult situations.  Whether or not he knew it, the coaching he provided me at work transferred over into my personal life as well. He helped me to take 100% responsibility in all parts of my life - thus improving my marriage, my relationship with some family members. I'm taking control of my health, my financial well-being, and my career thanks to the personal and professional development I received from Eric.

Erin Thompson, Manager Career Staff Unlimited


Alana Carter

What you might not know is how much of an impact you made on the life I live today. I use the word impact because it wasn’t subtle, it was like driving a car at 60 MPH and then crashing into a wall.  At the time we met, I thought I was doing well and working hard. I was definitely busy, but I wasn't truly effective. 

You had long talks with me about the proper ways to set goals, dream bigger, and how to break down big plans into manageable steps. It was because of those discussions that I now set the goals I have today and why I have achieved so many of my accomplishments thus far in my life.  I thought working hard was the extent of it. I never even thought about self-improvement, being a better listener, teacher, or leader. 

I am so thankful our paths crossed!  I love where I am at today and I love helping others reach their dreams. 

You changed my life!  Thank you Eric!

Alana Carter, Realtor/Broker, ​Windemere Group One 


Nando Ledezma

 Eric, you had a huge impact on my life.  All the coaching you provided has always stuck with me.  Now I can see what you were trying to prepare us for…Greatness!  Too bad I wasn’t mature enough to want to transform back then.  If I had, I’d likely be a millionaire by now, LOL!  Just wanted to say thank you!  I’m on my way to financial independence now by the grace of God, and I know you definitely played a major role in it! 

​Thank you!


Nando Ledezma, Co-Owner Ledezma Financial, Owner Spybeats Family Ministry


David Macon

When I first met Eric, I immediately sensed that Eric had a lot to offer as a coach. He had a direct but supportive way of inspiring others to excel beyond circumstances or limiting beliefs to achieve high levels of success. I sought out his guidance on many occasions. I quickly realized that Eric never gave or accepted excuses. This took some getting used to for me. I was young and had never really had a coach hold me to such a high standard of accountability before. 

At first, I was a bit defensive. If he were being candid, Eric might even say I was downright stubborn. Despite my resistance, Eric continued to challenge me in ways that pushed me outside my comfort zone. Ultimately, I realized that I wasn't really resisting Eric or his coaching; I was battling my own fears and insecurities. I don't know that a coach can have a greater impact than improving an individual's understanding of who they are. 

This was a huge first step for me in an ongoing journey of personal and professional development. Eric continues to be an outstanding coach and mentor. I'm certain that without Eric's constant challenges and encouragement, I would not be in the position I'm in today.

David Macon, Director of Training 


Darren Yager

​I’ve had the privilege of working closely with Eric for 10+ years.  His leadership was instrumental not just in the growth of our company but also the teams of people he led throughout the years.  When we would take over or launch new markets, often times it was Eric we tapped to go in and get those new markets off to the right start.  His ability to teach & exhibit our culture, along with implement our systems of success made him the perfect person for such a critical, high level leadership role.  I’m excited for him to be able to take his talents in personal & professional development to a much broader base of people that will be able to benefit from his expertise.

Darren Yager, Former Co-Owner / COO
Express Locations, LLC 

Eric's Book

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