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Become a Certified Coach

Are you an experienced Sales, Marketing, HR, Accounting, Finance, or Operations Professional?

Do you have high-quality technical skills, emotional intelligence, and leadership skills?

Would you like to put these skills to work to build a Coaching Business of your own?

Learn How To Join Our Team Today!


If you have experience in Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance, Accounting, or HR Management, you likely have the raw skills to be a great Business Coach!


Do you have the Drive, Grit, and Determination to build a coaching business of your own?  We'd like you to consider working with the My Biz Coach team!

We want to show you how to get started or grow your existing Coaching Business, and we're willing to share our insights, experience, tools, network, solutions, and secrets.

Schedule a time to learn more, and let's discuss the options of becoming a Certified My Biz Coach TODAY!

Business Meeting

At My Biz Coaches Here Are The Solutions We Provide

Coaching Basics

Biz Coach - Basic:

  • All Marketing for Business Coaches


  • Additional Social Media Solutions

  • 25+ Affiliate solutions

  • E-Learning Platform

  • Weekly Workshops

  • Group Coaching Offer

  • Access to Ad Library

  • Customized E-Book

  • Newsletter Article Contributions

  • Podcast Attendee

  • Branded Marketing Solutions & Training


Packages Starting at just:

$1,497 One-Time


$197 per month!

Marketing Solutions

Marketing for Business Coaches:

  • CRM & Business Management solution

  • Social Media Mktg

  • Optimized Website

  • Biz Coach Network Premium Profile

  • Logo & Card Design

  • Digital Biz Card & Lead Magnet solution

  • Media Branding

  • Marketing Training​​

  • Video Mktg Training


Packages Starting at just:

$297 One-Time


$97 per month!

Coaching Advanced

Biz Coach - Basic:

  • All Marketing for Business Coaches


  • Biz Coach - Basic


  • Marketing Solutions

  • 1-on-1 Coaching

  • Team Leadership Opportunities

  • Marketing Team Ad Creation Support

  • Multiple E-Books

  • Newsletter Publication

  • Podcast contribution

  • Video Marketing

  • Course Creation​​


Packages Starting at just:

$4,497 One-Time


$1,297 per month!

Start Your Coaching Journey Now!

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Why My Biz Coaches...

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From marketing to sales, operations to HR, and finance to legal.  The average business owner who doesn't have experience or access to these resources is doomed.  Add to this fact that 9 in 10 businesses never achieve $1 million in annual revenues, and it doesn't take much to realize why only 1 in 4 businesses are still open in 10 years! 

From a single Coach, trying to be a Jack of all trades and help every client, to a collaborative coaching solution, My Biz Coaches has evolved over the last five years and through a number of opportunities.  My Biz Coaches aims to provide various solutions to each client at an affordable price.

Aggressive, maybe, challenging, for certain!  However, when there are 32 million businesses in the US alone, and as many as 75% will no longer be in business in 10 years, it seems that it would be a worthy endeavor.  Join us on this Mission!

Options For Building a Coaching Business


Many of these options for building a coaching business are franchise operations.  They are designed to provide you with the tools you need to operate your business.  However, they are often very expensive and can be upwards of $70,000 just for the franchise fee and then a percentage of sales as well.


They can also limit your territory, add unnecessary regulations, limit your control, and create dependence, and, worse yet, the actions of others can affect your reputation particularly if the focus is on selling franchises rather than creating successful business coaches.

At My Biz Coaches, the business model is designed to be collaborative and complementary.  Providing resources, solutions, and tools to grow and scale your coaching business at a fraction of the cost of these franchise solutions.

Certification Programs

Other options are certification programs that charge you to become certified. However, these are often more of a pay-to-get-certified program than they provide any real value. They seldom don't provide the specific tools to help you grow your business. 


Although you may feel good and even if they provide quality training, the issue is they don't help you build your business.  Rather, they rely on the credentials of the certification or name to generate clients.


They also often don't provide practical marketing, sales, or operations training and can still be somewhat expensive.  Many Coaches, not certain that their qualifications are enough, spend thousands of dollars on certifications that don't help bring in business.

Community Programs

Community networks can provide some cost-effective solutions and can often provide strong solutions to help find clients. The challenge here is that success is often inconsistent, and there is NO one-size-fits-all approach. Just because one approach works for one coach doesn't guarantee it will be successful for the next coach.  Styles and solutions can vary, similarly to personalities and skill sets.

Do It Yourself

Of course, there is always the Do-It-Yourself approach; that's what I did initially. The truth is that any of these options, DIY included, has value. However, I eventually had to get support and find solutions to help my coaching business grow.  The costs were high, the resources were limited, and nothing seemed to address all my problems.


You can certainly spend your next year or two trying to figure it out on your own, as I did, but why would you? When you can make a reasonable investment in yourself and your business, have someone not only give you some insight but also take you by the hand and show you the way.

Besides, having a coach to help you grow your business supports the concept you are expecting your clients to appreciate.  

Get more insight on becoming a My Biz Coach!

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